Beth Gwinn, Photographer: Blog en-us (C) Beth Gwinn, Photographer [email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:58:00 GMT Beth Gwinn, Photographer: Blog 80 120 Passion Passion seems to play an important roll in my life.  When I was young certain things drew me to them, Music, Story, Water, and Imagery.  Those four things I wanted to be close too.  That was why I took photography when I was young the music and the imagery.  Music still draws me.  That is why I sing in a choir these days.  Story was why I lost myself in fantasy foe awhile.  Story still draws me.  That is why i love movies and read books still.  Water is something I have neglected for several years now.  Last year I went swimming for the first time in probably a year and it screwed up my ears.  If I go again this year, I will use earplugs for my ears.  Water is something I have never feared.  Always jumped right in. When I walk or hike it is usually close to water and always want to see the water.  When I hike or bike the greenway, I am always looking for the river.  It flows beside much of the greenway.  

So now I try to find my own story, and I do tell it sometimes.  When I am in the right company.  It is a long story at this point.  Once years ago a publisher told me I should write my story.  I have the photos to illustrate it.  I question if anybody would want to read my story.  True, I spent much of my youth with many of the legends of Country Music and Rock & Roll and with the legends of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  So I don't know.  If it would be of interest or not.  Married twice and divorced twice.  I keep thinking it is not over with yet.  But as I get older it is like the world doesn't want you anymore.  No matter how much I try to put myself out there.  It just doesn't work.  Yet I keep after it.  

At this point I am probably the only woman in Nashville who was published in Life Magazine.  Now that has meaning to older people but not younger folk.  My book has a little more meaning to younger, but I am one of two women that I know who have had books out of their work.  Still after it, whatever it is.  Life.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Mon, 18 Jul 2016 19:07:28 GMT
Summer time, when the living is easy. Yes here in the growing city of Nashville,TN.  It is high summer.  The last three days we have had rain or thunder storms.  Visually very stimulating.  Sometimes I go out under my carport and just watch the lightening and listen to the thunder.  We had a really intense one yesterday.  The wind was blowing the trees around and the rain was pounding on my roof top.  After it subsided I went out to check on my trees and my garden.  The trees were fine, the garden had been blown over.  My Christmas Lima vines which I have on trellises had blown over.  So I had to get in the mud and set them back up.  Then I noticed some of my tomato plants had blown over.  I use what is called rabbit fencing that I have cut up into round sections that go around the plants and the plants grow into them.  It had blow over at least 5 of them.  I set them back up and used some metal sticks to weave through the fencing and stick into the ground.  To anchor them to the ground. So that I hope this doesn't happen again.  While setting the plants right I found some ripe tomatoes on the underside of the plants that I hadn't even seen.  So I got those out and later in the day.  I stewed them, and froze them.  My first tomato freeze of the summer.  

This year I did something different for the garden and found an organic fertilizer for tomatoes.  When planted it really has made a difference. I think having all this rain has helped but I had some very large tomatoes this year.  I got my first Black eyed peas today as well.  The calypso beans are almost ready to pick too.  So the garden is doing well for June.

Bet you thought I would be writing about photography.  It is after all what this website is about.  This digital world we live in has really down played the meaning of photography.  Not sure what the future holds for us all.  Especially us photographers.  I look at the web and what I see most is streaming.  They do use still images but streaming is where it is happening.  So am I doing video work?  No have no idea how to do it.  I love the still image and think it is very important to have.  How much longer will I attempt to make a living at this?  I don't know.  I just don't know.  

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Comic Con in Nashville Back in early October, I got a call from my photo agency asking me if I wanted to go and cover Comic Con in Nashville.  I was amazed.  He send me links to where images of fans had been published in newspaper, all of the images were people in costume.   So I went down there and did photos of people in their costumes.  I was kind of amazed at how costuming is alive and well in this made for profit conventions.  Yes this was a for profit event.  I dealt with a publicity person.  I don't know how much people paid to be there but it was an amazing number of them. I saw two people I knew.  One who use to work in the music biz.  The other I knew from the film festival.  

When I was younger and use to go to local Science Fiction conventions.  They were done for the love of it.  Some made profit some didn't.  They usually had a Saturday night costume contest.  Little kids and big would enter it.  On the local level it was usually cute and not professional.  At World Cons it use to be professional, much fancier outfits.  This past year I went to Chattacon and they had me take photos of the people who dressed up on Saturday night but that didn't do a costume contest.  That is the only local con, I've been too.  It seems that certain elements of the old SF cons are still alive and well in the hugh mega for profit cons. That being one of them.  

So in my play area of my website I have but the images that I shot of people in costume.  i sat up in the costume contest area and did I think everybody.  I think.  They all posed, in their characters.  Almost like actors putting on a character.  Makes me wonder if they all are actors of a special kind.  It was fun.  I enjoyed it.  I didn't pay to get in.  I just wandered around and took photos.  The second day, I did photos of the celebrites they had there.   Not so much fun.  I talked to the publicity person and ask him questions about how they put something like this on.  They do it in several cities.  As the buddhist say things change.  

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Trying to stay in the moment I've taken up mediation in the last few years.  It helps me to stay in the moment.  Which I think of as very important.  For me it is important because I tend to not stay in the moment.  My mind wanders to the past or what I hope for the future.  I want to be here this past this time.  There is a theory that where depression resides in the brain is in the memory.  For me this is true.  All the feelings I have of not feeling good about myself reside in the memory and they come up when the situation or whatever triggers them.  With mediation and staying in the moment, I hope to not let those old feelings and emotions effect my current life so much. 

So this blog isn't about photography today.  It's about my inner life in some ways.  Depression is the monkey on my back.  Somehow that is also I think tied in to sugar.  Yes sugar.  I don't know how but it is.  When I give up sugar and don't have it.  It's like my brain is not racing as much.  When I give up sugar as a result of that I also give up caffine.  Because I give up on tea as a general rule.  I love sweet tea.  It feels a void in me but it is bad for me. 

So my life needs a change and I hope to do it.  We'll see but I hope.  

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Rainy July This year it is a rainy summer.  Last year it was dry as a bone, by this time.  I've watered my garden some but not much.  I like the rainy summer, I think it's the cooler than the dry one.  

I saw a video and decided that the woman in it was mythic.  She was very articulate, a musician, and brave, in ways that I never think of.  Not a big star but a person who walks her own road that's for sure.  I know her husband.  Which is why I have seen the video's of her on a TED talk and of her on stage doing a song in response to an article in the Daily Mail publication in the UK.  Her response to there saying that her breast had slipped out of her clothes.  Was to go complete naked.  I think I can savely say I know nobody who would get out on a stage naked and sing about it.  She is beyond what I know for sure.  Her husband knows what she is and loves her for it.  In ways they are a mythic couple but I know him, so to me he is not mythic.  I have never seen them together so I guess the couple can be mythic.  Since they've been married I've seen him twice but not her.  


I think I have lost a relationship with a man who i loved.  He completely quit communicating with me.  I have e-mailed, texted, and called, with no response.  It has hurt me badly but this isn't the first relationship I've lost.  I still have his DVD's, Clothes, and ukelele.  I drove up to his cabin this past week.  His car was there, another car I'd never seen before.  I knocked on the door and heard from the back of the room a small dog start yapping.  I knocked again, the dog yapped some more.  I knew where he kept the key outside his cabin.  So I got it and tried to open the door.  It wouldn't open. I know there is a bolt on the inside of the door, that can be thrown across the door and it will not open.  But you have to be inside to do it.  So I assume he was in there.  I left him a note that I had written before leaving the house. Then when I left I called his cellphone. It did ring and I left a message, telling him how confused and hurt I was.  He responded to none of it.  Does he have a new Girlfriend?  My sister thinks he does.  I know that what he as been through with throat cancer has been very hard.  Does he have a new woman in his life?  The other thing that I think could be why he wants none of his stuff back is that he found out he is terminal.  Which it is?  I have no clue.  The throat Cancer he had told me last time we talked that it was gone.  I don't know, I just don't know.  

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CMA Fest What use to be called Fanfair. I just put up images in the play section from CMA Fest. These are not the stars on the stage but the people who walk around CMA Fest.  I have always found them interesting.  Even when CMA fest was Fanfair and happened out at the FairGrounds.  The people who pay money and attend because of there love of the music.  Now the shows that I cover are I think the free ones.  During the day.  Which I think is the best time to photograph the people.  I try to capture what is happening there.  It's just for me and just because it happens in front of me.  Yeah I turn around and look at the people.  In some ways they are more interesting than the stars.  Many of them look so young to me.  Such energy and drive they have to be there and see their stars. 

I remember being that driven.  That is why I am here now.  Because I had the drive when I was younger to do the photos.  I still have the drive but it is way different than it once was.  It only keeps me going while I doing photos at a show.  Afterwards I'm beat but I have to put images up.  So I do.  

We'll see what happens in my life.  

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Biking the greenway of life That's how it feels sometimes.  I try to bike as much as I can.  Attempting to stay in the moment as much as I can.  For me that is the salvation to stay in the moment. Not in the memory, not in the mind.  I can do that so easily, slip off in my mind thinking about whatever.  I want to be here not there.  I want to stay in this world.  So I bike and try to look at the trees and the birds.  It is rabbit season right now.  I saw I bet 11 or 12 this morning on the greenway.  Little ones and big ones.  I saw an owl the other day.  It was hooting up a storm, kinda hard to miss.  

I also try to stay positive.  In this day and time it is important to be positive.  Even when my mind and gut are telling different.  I try to raise to the occasion and get positive.  

My life is a series of ups and downs and nothing is stable.  There are days when I think I should just give up my dreams and go back to work, doing whatever I can make a living at.  I keep dreaming that something better is going to happen.  So far I get crumbs and the occasional gig, but not enough to survive on.  So I don't know.  I just don't know.  

I love photography, I love music, and books.  Once I could live on these loves.  Now I don't know, I just don't know.  

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World Horror in New Orleans 2013 Back in the early 1990's we began this con.  It has stagger along, some years better than others, in some amazing places.  We've been to New York City, San Francisco, and now we are in New Orleans.  We are here because of the HWA.  For years we've had the HWA do there events at World Horror.  This year World Horror is at an HWA event.  So far it seems to have worked out well.  Next year World Horror goes to Portland, OR and HWA goes with it as well.  The next year we will see.

I love New Orleans.  There isn't a city like it anywhere in the USA.  Walking in the French Quarter is like stepping back in time.  This is the first time I've been here since Katrina hit.  I was here back in the 80's and 90's.  The French Quarter doesn't look any worse for the experience.  Except there seems to be more vacant property about.  This is the first year that I've been here during the summer.  It is hot and humid, that is what keeps people inside during the day.  I try to get up early and wander about.  That is the only time it isn't so hot.  I just look in the store windows and marvel at the items in them.  Very diverse, and strange stores.  I image what it would be like to live here.  To be able to get up and walk to any of these stores.  I wonder what the rent is like or I assume that it is an expensive place to buy property in.  One of the things that draws me to the French Quarter is the ability to walk anywhere.  They had electric street cars that go in the downtown area but they aren't in the French Quarter.  


I also love World Horror.  It is so much to fun to see people I haven't seen in awhile.  I hope I"m making new friends as well.  I hope.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Horror New Orleans Fri, 14 Jun 2013 18:14:34 GMT
Thinking about art and how it can show us a new side I love fiction, I think it can show truth in some ways better than non-fiction but tells it in a story. I am always drawn to Science fiction, fantasy, and strange stories.  So i am also drawn to sf and fantasy on tv and films.  One of the trends that I have noticed is how they can take something and make it a metaphor for life in today's world.  On True Blood, they have taken extreme religion and made it a vampire thing.  Showing that it is a scary thing in any form. Game of Thrones which I have read all the books but it's been years on some of them.  I get the dvd's from the library so I don't pay for them.  

Photography use to be it was the truth. When it was film and it wasn't easily changed.  Now everything visual is not be trusted.  This week on top of my work, I begin a photoshop class.  How to make it better and probably less real.  

I think I've figured out what my next project will be for the Interest area of my website.  I was invited to an event at the old City Cemetery today.  I didn't have anything conflicting with it, so I went.  Wow!  They have done a beautiful job of fixing up the cemetery.   It is now an officially arboretum for trees.  I walked around and read all the new plagues that they had put up about the history of the place and looked at the trees.  It was  nice thing to do for a Sunday afternoon..


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Nashville Film Festival 2013 Yes it's April and the Film Festival time.  This year no big stars, not even middle of the road stars.  Kinda sad in ways.  I hope it's get better but so far it's doubt full.  So since I have time on my hands while I'm there, came up with something to do while I wait.  I think I'm going to start doing this at all events.  Find something that bring the images together, a common theme and do it.  At the film festival this is the second year that Jenni's Ice cream has been giving away scoops, of there most popular flavors.  So what I've been doing for the play section of this website are people and ice cream.  It is just fun, I put up no names.  Some people just stand there while other's give you something to make it different.  

I like doing stuff for my interest section and my play section of this website.  Since the film festival is far from over, I expect this section will get more people and ice cream photos before the event is over.  

I'm working in my garden quite a bit.  Right now just weeding out the creeping grass that drives me nuts.  I only have lettuce, onions, and Squash in right now, because of the chilly nights lately.  I hope to put them in soon.  Then when it gets to where it is really warm the beans will go in.  I want to do sunflowers again.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm trying to grow them in little pots and transfer them into the ground sometime later.  So far only three have come up.  I might need to go buy more seed.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Nashville TN Sun, 21 Apr 2013 13:35:19 GMT
Doubts and hope I love photography.  It has kept me alive for so long.  Now I question it and me.  Yet tomorrow I'm working for my agency and I'm in the lead.  I'm in the lead because I'm willing to do the job for little, and let them have the images.  Right now I work a part time gig that gives me some money but not very much.  Yet it seems like my life is always a struggle.  I try my best to do everything I can.  Yet I constantly step on my own toes.  When I get a break I do something wrong.  The Athena awards went very well.  So I didn't step on my own toes with that one.  

I've been using this time to get in shape as well as I can.  I work out at the Y and bike the greenway.  I think I'm losing some weight.  Trying to cut out sugar.  Yet I am drawn to it.  So I try to limit it.  Drink Water and survive, hopefully without going into too much debt.  I have shows I'm trying to do.  My rock & roll show of my work from the 1970's. My Shelby Park older structure's show.  

I keep telling myself I'll be ok.  That is my mediation much of the time, is that I will do alright.  How I will do that I don't know.  But I keep pushing forward and trying to make it happen.  

So hope is what I have and what push for.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Tue, 09 Apr 2013 22:27:52 GMT
I live in a world of Possibilities Yes I do.  And I read and watch SF and Fantasy because it shows me the possibilities that I can have.  Yes I know it's fiction but fiction can tell the truth far better than non-fiction.  So I love to watch certain shows and movies.  I don't watch them most the time but once.  Sometimes I can read them again or watch them again.  But I like my SF or Fantasy to take me out of this world and put me in another.  One with answers to questions.  That usually last only an hour.  


In an hour a young woman can move in time with a doctor in a relationship that has no sex.  

I quess I want the amazing and some times I find it in my life.  Some times I don't.  

How do we make our life's amazing?  

Some days I think I've had an amazing life and I just don't want it to be over.  That is it.  I want to go forward and live as much as I can in the life I have left.  How much that is, I don't know.  But I am not finished yet.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Sun, 31 Mar 2013 01:02:35 GMT
Visiting different cities. I've begun driving cars to different cities, for a little extra money.  It's been interesting.  Doesn't pay much but boy is it a learning experience.  I drove to Tulsa last week end.  It was interesting.  I delivered the car and then took a taxi downtown.  The downtown area was empty.  Only me and few other folks

wandering about.  Had some great old buildings.  I could tell the oil business had been good to this town.  I found a place and had an early diner before going to the Bus station and just waiting.  Riding the bus is interesting.  Most of the people who ride the bus are people of color of some sort.  Being white buts you in the minority.  I was lucky on this first bus ride to get a seat up front to myself.  It made stops in few towns where I just sat on the bus.  Then in St Louis I had to change buses.  My bus from Tulsa ran late and missed the connection.  They put me on the next bus out which meant I had to wait a couple of hours.  I got home in Nashville the next day.  

My next driving assignment was to Knoxville.  Again, I had several hours to kill.  The bus station was within a few blocks of towndown.  So I wandered into a comic book store and they told me what direction to walk to get to the downtown. 

I want to start to take my camera with me but in ways I think I shouldn't.  Riding the bus I don't take a purse only a bag big enough to carry everything. A camera would be hard to carry and hide.  At least my camera's would be hard to hide.  

Yesterday I got a glimpse of Indianapolis.  The bus station was right downtown.  It was a fancy downtown.  I wanted to go visit the train station that was turned into a hotel, but all door were locked.  It was interesting.  Had an early dinner at a bar.  Riding the bus was no fun.  I had to take a late bus so I had to hang out at the bus station for a good while.  Then I had to sit in the back.  We had a lay over in Louisville but it was dark so I couldn't go walking.  Then the ride to Nashville getting in at 2:20am.  No fun getting that late.  

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Indianapolis Knoxville Louisville Tulsa Sat, 30 Mar 2013 00:34:00 GMT
Girl scout cookies, my weakness I've been attempting to cut back on sugar.  No sweet tea, try my best not to buy any sugary things.  I got an e-mail probably about a month ago, from a woman at church telling that her daughter was selling girl scout cookies.  I ignored it.  Didn't answer.  On purpose, so I wouldn't be tempted. I knew that every Feb.  The girl scouts set up in Kroger in my neighborhood and sell them.  Usually they don't start till late in Feb. doing the grocery store tables.  So going to Kroger today I knew was risky.  But there were a few things I needed.  So I went walking in I didn't see them at the front of the store.  So I thought maybe they had not begun doing the store fronts yet.  I went in and got what I wanted.  Then seeing the 15 items or less line was not long down at the end and I had less than 15 items.  I headed there.  Then to my surprise just beyond where that 15 or less register was a table and bunch of brownies.  One was dressed up as a thin mint cookie.  They were pretty small, I don't remember what age Brownies are but they looked pretty little to me.  I just couldn't resist.  I took out my billfold and counted out the three dollars and fifty cents pre box.  Gave it to the adult behind the table and the little girl dressed up as a thin mint cookie gave me the box.  

Since I was a brownie, I've had a thing for the thin mints.  They only come around once a year, and I try to limit the number I buy.  This year I was attempting to get away with out buying any at all.  So much for that plan.  So now the plan is to only buy one box.  Let's hope I can restrain myself.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Mints Thin Sat, 16 Feb 2013 19:33:49 GMT
Cowboy Jack event Back when I was a hot young photographer.  I got hired to photograph Jack Clement.  At that time he had a large rockin horse in his living room.  So that is what we used in the photos.  He always had such a free spirit to him.  We bonded and I use to stop in to visit from time to time.  When my work started to go downhill.  He hired me to take photos for him.  I remember him taking me to lunch a time or two.  Then I packed up my house and moved to the other side of the Nashville.  I tried to get away from the music biz.  I tried to get a regular job.  But I never knew how hard it was to get one.  So I didn't keep up with him or anybody else.  Then I had my agency drop into my lap.  I decided to pursue it.  So I ran into him a couple of times.  But my opinion of him is a good one.  The other night I was up in the upper balcony photographing a tribute to him.  Now I want to stop by and see him.  I know he has cancer and dementia.  I wish I had his free spirit.  I have always admired that about him.  

Some day when I get a good scanner, I hope to put some of those images up here.  

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Thu, 07 Feb 2013 00:47:46 GMT
Happy New Year to one and all A new year approaches and I wonder what it will be like.  I hope for everyone it is the year where we all do much better and we learn to sing again.  I love to sing, I don't claim to do well but I love too anyway.  In my dreams I'm an undiscovered singer.  But in reality I know I have an ok voice but it is totally not trained.  Everybody has more trained voice than I do.  

I also dream about going back into acting.  Believe it or not I took lessons in acting when I was younger.  It was fun if nothing else.  So that is two of my secret dreams.  

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Mon, 31 Dec 2012 23:50:30 GMT
My loves I love photography.  B&W is my favorite but I do whatever I can.  Images can move me in ways that shift my soul.  

I love music.  I can't play it but I can photograph it.  Music Moves me and it also touches my soul.

I love books and reading.  It can take me places that are not on this earth.  Again a good book and can touch my mind and my soul.

In ways this is what motives me to do things.  Why I do mostly music with my photograph and why I go to cons and do photography there.  It is combining my passions.  My loves.  In my website my favorite sections are play and interest.  There I feel like I can do whatever I want.  

Last night I went to a music show where the accomplished musician's do an album from a bygone era.  They have been doing this for awhile.  This was just my first.  They did Carol King's Tapestry last night.  I loved that album when I was a kid.  Long ago, far away.  I also knew many of the performers.  I thought they did it wonderful.  All of the people on stage looked like they were having fun.  I like that.  Fun is what we all want.  We'll see if i make another one of these shows. They are very expensive.  

I also got a new camera.  One that is a higher resolution than any I have had before.  Time to play.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Sun, 30 Dec 2012 13:42:46 GMT
Happy Holiday! This December I've done a couple of events.  I just but up the images from String fever.  That was fun.  Great Music.  This has been a busy holiday season.  Not with photos but everything else.  It is the week between Christmas and New Years.  Trying to wrap up the year and get ready for a new year.  

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Tue, 25 Dec 2012 23:48:23 GMT
Bonapartes Retreat Benefit This past Saturday I did Bonaparte's Retreat for my agency.  This Benefit had been going on for at least three years.  This was my first and I hope not my last.  Dogs and music.  What more can you ask for.  I took photos of the dogs I saw in their little costumes for Christmas. Too cute!!  Could not help myself.  It was on Villa that runs next to Music Row.  The old White Way Cleaners buildings have turned in to cute shops and coffee house.  in the coffee house they have a bathroom that was the closest to use during Bonaparte's retreat parade and show.  The bathrooms are in what must be an old vault.  The door was very heavy and ornate.  Interesting.  I like finding things like that in old buildings.  This image is the inside of the vault door.  The other side was too close to the wall for me to get an image of that side.  Look at the scroll work inside the door.  The iron bolts that use to go into the wall when the door was closed.  


[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Wed, 19 Dec 2012 02:55:33 GMT
Winter I love the changing of the seasons.  Spring and Fall but once the changing is over it's either hot or cold for awhile.  So now we are into the cold I think.  Last week of November and it's cold already.  I'm not quite ready for the cold but it comes if I am ready or not.  So I bike when I can and then try to clean the house.  I love you taking photos.  For fun or whatever.  I hope to spend sometime this winter in the darkroom.  I like to remember how to print and I still love B&W.  I don't do enough of it.

[email protected] (Beth Gwinn, Photographer) Thu, 29 Nov 2012 02:49:40 GMT
Working on photos Today I spent most of the day working on images on the computer.  My desk top has been running very slowly.  So it took me most of the day to get the images finished.  Now my desktop is not willing to burn dvd's.  So I think it's time for a new computer.  Good thing it last as long as it did.  Some time I question my life.  But it is pretty good.  I am very fortunate, and I appreciate the people in my life.  

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I spent it at my sister's.  It was her oldest son's 50th Birthday.  I was 8 years old when he was born.  I don't remember it.  He was born in Shelbyville.  He told me cause I didn't remember where they lived but he did.  All of his children were there.  It was good to see them.  They grow so fast these days.  

I am the only one in my family with no children, and that is fine with me.  I've never felt the drive to have them that some people feel.  There are days when I wonder what it would be like to have them but being my age, I don't give it much thought.  I just try to keep going forward and keep my head above water.  So far so good.  This website I hope will help my business.  Once I figure out to get people to look at it.

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Shelby park Today I went down there to find the trees.  When I was younger there was hill, it rose above the lake.  They kept it mowed, so it was easy to walk up and look at the trees.  Some of the trees had dates curved into them from the early 1900's.  I assume it was a lover lane back in the early 1900's.  After the tornado tore through east Nashville, my friend who lived in East Nashville, told me the trees were gone.  I went up there after Tornado and found some of the trees still there.  

Today I went up there for the first time in several years.  They had let the area grow up bushes and young trees but no old trees.  I pushed through the undergrowth and looked for the trees I knew.  I couldn't find them, and I assume they are gone.  I like old graffti.  Like from the late 1800's and early 1900's.  They had cut trails in the area but none that were close to the trails or very big.  So I walked over to the spring.  When I was kid I remember my father telling me they watered horses at that spring.  Not much of spring their now Eventually I'll put up images from my walk about.  

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Nashville you never know Last night I had been invited with an e-mail to an event.  I didn't know who would be there or what it was.  So I told my agency I'd go down there with a camera and check it out.  It gets dark early these days.  So I got the camera jumped in my little car and headed downtown.  I found a parking spot right off a couple of blocks away.  So I took it, figured I was lucky and got out to walk.  Soon as I got out of the car I could tell somebody was playing music and it was outside and close.  So I hiked down to Broadway and found they had blocked the street off for this event.  Last year they did this same event but they had names I knew on the stage.  They also had hired a real publicity firm last year, who sent out press releases saying who was playing the event.  This year they didn't do that.  I found an old friend and talked to him a bit.  Then watched the show a bit, decided, I this would be a lose.  That any photos I took wouldn't sell well enough for me to stay the whole night.  So I started to leave and ran into another old friend, walked back to the car and came home.  I worked on the images from World Fantasy some more.  

With this website, I want to have a section, where i put fun stuff. Stuff that I encounter that is just interesting in itself.  Last night on Broadway there were people everywhere and if I would have had the energy I would have just done photos for fun.  This is just how it goes.  But tonight at Blue Sky Riders, I will have a seat that I can rest in.  

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Difference between film and digital To me film is best in many ways.  The grain structure of film to the pixel structure of digital.  Film it is always a surprise to see what comes out.  With digital you have a clue from seeing the image.  I think digital takes almost as much time as going in the darkroom and printing.  I listen to books on tape in the darkroom.  Now I listen to books on cd in my office.  

Scanning older work is always a problem.  If you don't have a good scanner you don't get the detail you do with a good ones.  The problem I have run into is that the scanner I want in somewhere between two and three thousand dollars.  It is a good one and will copy what is on film into digital.

In today's world you can't get some of the films developed.  In my town at this time, only color negative is being processed.  All color slide film processing is gone. Kodachrome is gone from the nation.  Ektachrome is still processed here in the US but I don't know where.  B&W is still taught in schools.  So they keep the chemistry and the paper for that.  I keep watching a photographer I know who is doing large format, tin type kind of images.  They looks beautiful when he post them.  Very different than the work you see done digitally out there now.  

Digital is the way of the world and I don't think things are every going to back to what they were.  But I remember.  

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Shelby Park Concert structure at close to the entrance to the park I did a family photo in Shelby Park the other week.  They wanted it to have fall leaves in the image.  So we agreed to met at this Concert structure that was close to the entrance.  I got there early to check the place out and found myself taking photos of the structure.  It was so interesting and odd.  The structure seemed to have no purpose.  You could see where at one time they had a light in the ceiling of it.  The post that supported it had graffi that was from the early 1900's.  Written in pencil.  So I shot several images of it and the writings.  I am interested in what I think of as links to a passed time.  The pencil graffi is one such link.  Some of the supports had water damage and the graffi on those was lost.  But the ones that survived.  Told me of a different time.  So I look for those thinks that link us to another time.  

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setting up a new website Life is a learning experience and I'm trying my best to learn how to set up this new website.  So much to learn and get use to using.  Everything id digital these days.  I still love film but you have to have a good scanner to scan film to get it on line.  I'm learning. 

So wish me luck on this new site.  I hope to have it up and running soon.  Then new business cards and promoting my website. 

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